Prepared Meals - Charcuterie Noël


The cooks at Charcuterie Noël put the Italian culinary tradition at the service of today’s families. We offer a daily selection of prepared dishes to make your life easier. A various selection of Italian and European dishes, but also typical Quebec ones; delicious and healthy meals, made with love, from our kitchen to your dining room or lunch box.

You will find eggplant gratin, original pasta, veal cutlets, quiches, coquilles Saint-Jacques, next to the ragoût de pattes, chicken pot pies, cipaille and Lac Saint-Jean pot pies. Family recipes that you will not find anywhere else.

Let’s not forget the impressive selection of our salad bar, always fresh daily, prepared with the best seasonal ingredients, and our delicious homemade sauces for pasta. And for meals on the go, we offer several sandwiches freshly made with our delicious deli meats.

We offer all dishes in individual portions, but we can prepare family-sized packages on request.

Come enjoy the refreshing taste of Italian home cooking or simply discover new flavours.