Order Delivery - Charcuterie Noël


Charcuterie Noël is proud to announce that we are offering home deliveries!

Due to possible delivery delays, please note that some prices may change from time to time.
Also note that we have a minimum order of 40$.

We will be accepting orders from Tuesday to Saturday.
Once your order is submitted, we will call you to confirm.

Payment Methods
- Credit Card
- Cash
- $3.50 picking
- $5.00 delivery


I wish to place an order for :


* Please provide us with as much details about the products including the brand, quantities, weight and size of the products.
(Ex: 3 red tomatoes, family pack of vine tomatoes, 2 litres of Lactantia 2% milk, 400g of San Daniele Prosciutto, ½ lb of smoked turkey, 500g of minced meat, 2 rib steaks, 1 family pack of corn flakes, 1 case of La Perla Vegetable Oil 4litres)