Imported Products - Charcuterie Noël


European tradition still continues at Charcuterie Noël, thanks in part to a selection of over 1,000 imported products bearing flavours of the Mediterranean. The majority of the imports that you will find on our shelves have been tested by Roberto himself to ensure their quality and flavour. You will find something for every taste and at every price.

Many of the products come directly from our manufacturers and are delivered to us daily.

Real olive oils are like wine: each one has its own taste and varies by region of origin. Charcuterie Noël offers more than two dozen olive oils, including the renowned Italian Antonio Pettinicci oil from the region of Campobasso and Sarullo oil, from Sicily.

You will also find a nice selection of balsamic vinegar, from the simplest to spice up your weekly salads, to the 10 years of age to be used to coat your meals on special occasions. If you are looking a little fantasy, we offer vinegars flavoured with garlic, pepper, lemon, basil, or strawberry.


  • Olives of all sizes, stuffed or marinated;

  • Marinated artichokes, peppers and capers;

  • Pasta in a wide choice of flours (spelled flour, gluten free flour);

  • Chocolates from Quebec, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy;

  • Salts with varied scents and flavours;

  • Canned fish (mackerel, sardines, tuna, etc.);

  • A huge selection of canned tomatoes, plain or flavoured;

  • Truffles and truffle oil.