Delicatessen - Charcuterie Noël


At Charcuterie Noël, delicatessen is our specialty. Of course, you will enjoy attentive service and tasty, quality products, but you can also taste the whole difference of homemade delicatessen prepared according to traditional Italian methods. Young Italian families will rediscover the taste of their childhood.

You will, of course, find the traditional meats that everyone loves, but dare to break the monotony by tasting our new and traditional specialties. Our expert butcher prepares on site cooked and cured meat, as well as pies, without any preservatives or injection, in order to offer a product of impeccable quality and superb taste.

Our cured meats are produced according to the traditional methods of the Natale family. The capicolli, prosciuttino, soppressata and dried sausages are all a tribute to the family tradition that was imported from Italy by our founder.

The cooked delicatessen is also in the spotlight: ham, pork roast, salami, smokemeat. You can taste the difference of a meat prepared by hand, without any injection of water or preservatives.

The Delicatessen also means pies! Garlic, country-style, pepper, rabbit, rillettes du Mans, headcheese; always homemade for an unmatched flavour.

Not to mention the marinated olives, according to homemade recipes and as always renewed: Kalamata, Sicilian, Greek and Lebanese; come enjoy the richness of their unique taste.