Bakery Shop - Charcuterie Noël


At Charcuterie Noël, you will find your favourite bread, bagels and pastries, fresh seven days a week, delivered daily for you.

Parted baguettes, typically French, also available in string and Parisian bread form; all the varieties of Italian breads: Panini, Pagnotta, Zulu, not to mention the specialties: country-style bread, sourdough bread, walnut bread, hazelnut and raisins bread, organic bread, Kamut bread.

Every day, we receive Saint-Viateur bagels, as well as a delicious selection of pastries: butter croissants, butter chocolatines, almond cream and chocolate croissants, etc. And of course, the many varieties of daily fresh pizzas, featuring the traditional, but oh so popular, tasty tomato pizza.