Charcuterie Noël
About Us

Salvatore Natale arrived from Italy in November 1967. Native of the province of Caserta, in the Campania region, in central Italy, he descends from a long line of food retailers. He started as a grocer in Little Italy, but in October 1979, he built himself the Charcuterie Noël at the corner of Léger and Lacordaire boulevards, in Montreal North.

The primary goal was to provide a grocery that offers fresh products, focused on quality, taste and service. He also wanted to offer different specialties. The expanding of his company was followed by three expansions. So in 1990, Mr. Natale decided to operate his own bakery shop, to keep on offering more to his customers.

In the early 90s, Roberto Natale, son of Salvatore Natale and business employee since its foundation, completed his studies in Marketing and officially joined the organization. A breath of fresh air was brought to Charcuterie Noël.

In the early 2000s, the exterior and interior look of the neighbourhood grocery store was redesigned to give it a rustic, warm and European cachet.

In 30 years, one thing has remained the same: the emphasis is always on quality products, personalized service and the flavour that the Charcuterie Noël customers can taste every day. The company is now an institution in Montreal North and provides work for more than 60 employees.

Salvatore and Roberto Natale, as well as their entire team, are very proud of the work accomplished during the past 30 years. And the future is full of promise.